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Popular and Practical Cooling Option

A wall-mounted split system air conditioner is one of the most popular ways to cool down your entire home, a single room, or a commercial property. They work by extracting hot air and humidity inside a building and it them through a compressor and into the outside world. Providing easy ways to control the temperature in different rooms, this air conditioning is the practical solution to meet the needs of different family members, colleagues or customers.

Single or Multi-Head Wall Mounted Systems

  • The single-head wall-mounted system works for both small and large rooms. It consists of a single indoor unit and an outdoor condensing unit, providing an efficient and consistent air flow.
  • The multi-head wall-mounted system features multiple indoor units linked to a single outside condensing unit. Compared to the single-head model, a multi-head model is recommended for homeowners who have limited outdoor space or who prefer to have less units installed outside their houses.

Benefits of split system air conditioner?

  • They are quick and easy to operate – heat and cool rooms quickly via a convenient remote control
  • Easy and cost effective solution
  • They deliver warm or cool air only in the spaces where it’s needed and when it’s needed, meaning you won’t waste money heating unused spaces
  • They can be even more cost-effective if your home is powered with the help of solar panels
  • They are low maintenance – no call-outs are necessary to clean the indoor component, as you can simply do it yourself
  • They usually have heating and cooling capabilities as standard, so you can use one system all year-round
  • They often purify the air, so that dust and allergens are not circulated through the building

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