Ducted Refrigerated Systems

Energy-Efficient Ducted Cooling Systems Can Lower Your Bills

Air con units, especially older ones, are among the most expensive appliances to run.

Choosing an appropriately sized unit is critical, because a unit that is too small will not meet your cooling demands, and one that is too large will cost more to run and create more noise and airflow issues.

There are now new ducted cooling units that provide better cooling and temperature control within different zones . Having a system that allows you to create different temperature zones will eventually lower your power bills.

Combine Heating and Cooling for Year-Round Comfort

With ducted systems, you can run all of your heating and cooling through a single diffuser in each room. If you want an affordable way to experience comfort in any weather, then ducted systems are the way to go. Our combined ducted cooling and heating eliminates the need for an extra system, meaning less maintenance, less repairs and greater affordability.

What Are the Benefits of Ducted Cooling Systems?

There are many reasons why ducted refrigeration might be right for you. These systems:

  • Can be installed in existing or new properties, provided the property has enough ceiling or underfloor space for the ducts
  • Creating different temperature zones is an option
  • Instantly cool your home – no need to wait
  • Some systems have low running costs as they’re designed with zoned temperature control
  • Can be easily controlled from one centralised thermostat, usually mounted on a wall in a shared living space
  • Can dehumidify the air in your home
  • Have no unsightly units on the roof or wall of your home

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