Add-On Cooling

Create a Dual-Cycle Air Conditioner for Your Home

This summer, why not install an add-on cooling unit in your home as an effective and efficient air conditioning system.

Add-on cooling is simply a single fan coil installed under the floor or into the ceiling, and hooked up to an outdoor condensing unit. This product can then be connected to one of our gas-ducted heaters to create an effective dual-cycle air conditioning system that works for any home.

Actron add on cooling for a house

Can Add-On Cooling Be Installed in My Home?

With add-on cooling there will be some factors to consider before deciding on this system for your home.

At Simplyair, our technicians don't recommend connecting an add-on cooling unit to a pre-existing gas ducted heater. We take a professional attitude to all our products and installations, and will want to ensure that your duct work is fire-rated to R.1 and 1.5 certified. Ducting has to be enlarged to handle the volume of cool air being moved around.

Actron Air add on coil. Actron Air add on unit for outdoors.

These system are available in single and three phase systems for mid and large sized homes.

Offering Expert Advice and Installation

At Simplyair, our professional team will gladly talk to you about the benefits of an add-on cooling unit and weigh up your options with you. If suitable, we can integrate one into your home and provide full guidance and instructions for its use.

Our qualified technicians also provide maintenance and repairs service, to keep your air conditioning system running properly all year round.

To talk to a consultant about whether add-on cooling could be right for your home, please fill out our quick online form or call us on (03) 9879 2255. Our friendly consultants will be happy to help you with any enquiries about cooling systems.